Myrrh Bearers







A leader 

A follower of our Lord 


“The myrrh-bearing women, coming very early at dawn sprinkling the tomb with myrrh.” 


  • A Myrrh Bearer should be eight years old.
  • Attends Saint Anthony religious education program
  • Attend Myrrh Bearers practices
  • Commit to be active in the life of the church.

Duties of a Myrrh Bearer

  • Be a prayer pal for each other.
  • Mentor future Myrrh Bearers by teaching the eighteenth lamentation stanza.
  • Help in the narthex at least once a year.
  • Organize a community outreach.
  • Serve or provide dessert for Union Station Homeless Services at least once during the year.
  • When needed, help organize the narthex, nave, and solea.
  • Help during Great Lent and Holy Week.
  • Help in a Sunday school class at least once a year and begin receiving training to become a future teacher of religious education.
  • Organize and serve during coffee following Divine Liturgy.
  • Attend Divine Liturgy as a group and receive Holy Communion.
  • Meet on the third Sunday after Pascha, the Sunday of the Myrrh Bearing Women, and share experiences during Great Lent.
  • Myrrh Bearers will tentatively meet at least once a month to discuss future outreach projects, with a special activity.