Preparing for a Baptism


The first thing is to set the date for baptism through the church office at least two months in advanced. It is encouraged that children should be baptized between 3 and 9 months old.

For adults, a catechism class is required prior to the baptism and/ or chrismation. Please consult the priest for details.

Baptisms may not be performed from:

  •  Christmas Day through Theophany (December 25-January 6),
  •  During Holy Week,
  •  Great Feastdays of the Lord.

Parental Requirements and Responsibilities

Since Baptism and Chrismation are the entrance into the life of the Church, parents are expected to raise their child in the Orthodox Church as at least one them must be an active member and steward of the Orthodox faith in good standing. A parent’s participation in the life of the church will be a great example to the child.



Parents are responsible for selecting mature and faithful members of the Orthodox Church as a sponsor (anadochos/nona/nono) for their child. This person will assist the candidate as he/she grows in the Orthodox Church. The sponsor must be an active member in good standing of his/her respective Orthodox Church and must present a letter of good standing from home parish priest. If married, the sponsor must be married in an Orthodox service.   If he/she is  not a member, then must become a member at his/her church or at St. Anthony Church, prior to the Sacrament.



*1 Pectoral Cross (gold or silver) to wear.

*1 large bath towel (white)

*1 large  sheet (white)

* 1 hand towel (white)

*1 bar of soap

* 1 small bottle of olive oil

*3 candles (one can be decorated) For three consecutive Sundays following the baptism, this candle accompanies the baby when receiving Holy Communion.

*For infants and children-white clothing to change into, including undershirt.

* For Adults- White Medical Scrubs made of a heavy material (top & bottom) along with an appropriate bathing suit to wear underneath, along with a change of clothes that are white with a white undershirt as well.