Family Picnic

The Saint Anthony summer family picnic takes place each year in June at Lacy park in San Marino.

It’s a gathering on a beautiful summer day for people to enjoy the fellowship of the whole Saint Anthony community. Attendees can purchase a catered lunch or bring their own. They also pay to reserve the tables which helps support the cost of the picnic.

Payment for table reservations and meals must be done in the weeks before the picnic, as a no exchange of money is permitted at Lacy park.

People bring frisbees, footballs, baseballs, Scooters and other fun things to play. We also organize activities such as the annual tug-of-war. Sometimes treats like snow cones or ice cream are available.

Last year we had a surprise and refreshing visit from the San Marino fire department, with water hose! Great fun for the kids. It’s a fun day for the entire family in the entire Saint Anthony community.